FAQ Regarding our services and pricing.

Here's some explanation on our services, pricing and honest answers on some frequently asked questions:

1. How do you charge? Do you charge by the hour?

Answer: I only charge by the hour for events. Events are usually straight forward, therefore it's much easier to give a rate for events.

2. Why can I only book for events in your website?

Answer: At the moment, I have worked out my rate for events, but I will add a few more booking pages later on. However not all projects are as tangible as events, so not everything I can make a booking page for. It would be best if you can provide me more details when you message to enquire.

3. Do you have a rate for corporate video?

Answer: I do get few enquiries for corporate video asking for my rate. However, unlike events, corporate video has a lot of components, therefore it's not possible to give a fix rate for a corporate video. Best is to have a sit down discussion or a phone conversation at the least on what's the direction of the video going to be and how to move forward. Ball park figure could go from $1,000 to $10,000 or more.

4. How come you don't have any rates for other projects?

Answer: Well other projects as mentioned are not as tangible as events. I will be working on some rates for food, products and probably corporate headshot, and maybe a few more. At the moment do send me a message to enquire, let me know as much detail as possible, and I'll be glad to give you a more accurate quote.

5. How come other photographer / videographer charge lesser?

Answer: There will always be someone cheaper out in the market. You can probably even find someone to do it for free. Although we are open for negotiations on pricing we do not compete with price, we do compete in terms of our work and professionalism.

6. How much do you charge for a "simple shoot" or "we just need a few shots" kind of shoot?

Answer: I do get enquiries about this "simple shoot" and "just need a few shots". Let me ask this question then, why did you consider to hire a professional photographer if you think the shot is simple or you just need a few shots?

If you think it's because of the equipment that we have, you can always rent the equipment and I believe it will be cheaper than hiring a professional photographer.

But I'm sure deep inside you know that we as professional photographers or professional videographers can do the job correctly and yes professionally that's why you called us.

We are no different from a dentists or doctors or engineers, as we have certain skills that we have developed over the years that we use to earn a living.

7. Do you do collaborations?

Answer: I do get enquiries asking for collaborations and they will credit me for the work that I've done. A lot of them are business as well, some are new business some are a bit more established. We may consider collaboration for maybe some charity, but we don't really work for credits, as far as I know my landlord, does not accept credits.

We do enjoy what we do, we love to take photos we love to take videos, we love the process of it and we enjoy the work. But at the same time we are running a business, just like KFC or McDonalds, or Apple. I don't think you can go to an apple store get an iphone and tell them we will credit you. Wishful thinking on that.

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