RedEye Productions is a multimedia agency based in Singapore. We provide Photography, Videography and Graphic Design Solutions.

Our service provides for a wide range of genre. But we specialize in Industrial Photography and Videography, such as the aeronautics, oil and gas industry, shipping sector, marine industry and even construction. We can also provide aerial photography and aerial videography with use of a drone and we have extensive experience in shooting even from a helicopter.

Our service also provides for Corporate & Commercial marketing needs such as corporate headshots, commercial photoshoots, food photography and product photography.

We are also very experienced in Event Photography and Event Videography, whether it's for a small scale event or large scale such as conventions, exhibits or  product launches.

We also provide Graphic Design Service for any marketing collateral, from brochures to posters, logo design and even menus. 

We provide a complete solution for any of your marketing needs. 

Other services that we provide but not limited to:

1. Aerial Photography and Video Filming 
2. Corporate Videos / Kickstarter videos and such
3. Instant Print / Photo booth 
4. Large Format and Offset prints
5. Food & Product photoshoots
6. Headshots & Portraiture 
7. Event Photography & Event Videography

8. RedEye Heartfelt Moments - Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography

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